famous cat-dolphin telepathy theory demonstration

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| February 19th, 2014 | Posted in Cat |

25 Responses to “famous cat-dolphin telepathy theory demonstration”

  1. Kawaiibat Says:

    @1deecee3 Sharks are a type of fish, and as all fish they have a verticle
    tail and musculature that beats left to right to propulse the animal as
    well as a second set of dorsal fins and pelvic fins (not found here) If the
    tail is beating up and down, then it is a marine mammal such as a whale, a
    dolphin or (exteme case)- manatee.

  2. jangofet555 Says:

    ok this made me laugh

  3. DarkFantasyPoi Says:

    OMG WHAT A CUTE KITTY *Cuddles Kitty*

  4. Dorka Reyes Says:

    hahaha great

  5. sylvia13ps Says:

    hahaha!! very funny :) ))))))))

  6. divulge Says:

    That was hilarious! Did you see how far the cat was leaning forward when it
    noticed the dolphin moving closer and closer to the edge?

  7. oliverschannel1 Says:

    this is terrible all it proves is that the cat can follow something it
    likes. you could put a mouse in front of a cat who likes mice and do the
    exact sam thing this is shit

  8. pistolkrystle Says:

    you are hilarious :D

  9. Cashcrop650 Says:


  10. dragfyrepoop Says:


  11. David1582 Says:

    Lol the only thought going through the cat’s mind is “How is it so fast!?”

  12. Sergio Angulo Says:

    Thanks a lot! it gave me a lot of work and investigation!

  13. Erik Wise Says:

    haha, great Satirical video

  14. Tinman888100 Says:

    Or it confirms that cats are twitchy…..

  15. SpayNeuter2SaveLives Says:

    For my next trick I’ll make a dog salivate when I ring a bell. You shoulda
    uesd a control group by putting a stuffed animal of a cat next to a REAL
    dolphin. HAHA.

  16. QMD333 Says:


  17. Nikcarlice Says:

    it looks more like a shark to me…??

  18. mirriflin Says:

    @oliverschannel1 You are boring.

  19. Donna Taibossigai Says:

    LOL, funny.

  20. ChasingSatanAway Says:


  21. Mavaddat Javid Says:

    This is the greatest scientific research done on YouTube yet! Bravo.

  22. novashenron43 Says:

    the cat is not responding “telepathically” as one might think. the cat is
    simply reacting to the dolphin moving. I am a believer in telepathy, but I
    can still see a faulty experiment.

  23. Niall Macceide Says:

    busy day?

  24. krax12982 Says:

    omg HAHAHA

  25. Alexander Hansez Says:

    lol elementary